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Our nation’s healthcare system faces many challenges today that didn’t exist a few months ago. There is an overwhelming importance to providing the best health outcomes possible, in the most innovative ways, at the lowest cost, to all in need. This podcast brings together innovative leaders from within and outside the healthcare industry – from the big names you see in bold print every day, to those that just have bold things to say – to explore the country’s rapidly-shifting healthcare landscape and provide smart solutions to the challenges we face.

What to Expect

A 25-30 minute conversation with a diverse array of distinguished guests, the InsideOut podcast amplifies the voices of a cross-section of the entire healthcare industry. Our guests include executives, providers, academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, analysts and other professionals whose work is both directly and indirectly related to the healthcare industry.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this podcast is to provide news and information on issues affecting institutions in healthcare and other industries. All data provided on this platform is for informational purposes only. This podcast is not intended to be advertising or endorsement of any products or companies. The opinions expressed at or through the podcast are the opinions of the individual speaker and may not reflect the opinions of the company.

Latest Episode

Episode 61 | Dr. Scott Dulchavsky Walking Through Doors: Lessons Learned with Henry Ford Health's Dr. Scott Dulchavsky

On this episode of InsideOut, we welcome host, Andy Brailo, Chief Commerical Officer of Premier, and guest Scott A. Dulchavsky, CEO of the Innovation Institute at Henry Ford Health to discuss his work at NASA and Henry Ford Health's groundbreaking partnership with PINC AI™ Applied Sciences to advance health equity nationwide.

2023 Episodes

Episode 60 | Kevin Lobo Stryker’s CEO on Taking the Road Less Traveled, Innovation, Supply Chain Resiliency and Real-World Evidence

On this episode of InsideOut, we welcome guest, Kevin Lobo, Chair and CEO of Stryker to discuss Stryker's growth, healthcare innovation and more.


Episode 59: | Lisa Woods Walmart on the Employer’s Role in Healthcare Transformation

On this episode of InsideOut, we welcome co-host Dr. Jonathan Slotkin, Contigo Health's Chief Medical Officer and guest, Lisa Woods, Vice President, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing of Walmart to discuss their strong commitment to healthcare and the comprehensive and cost effective benefits in place for their employees.


Episode 58: | Seth Joseph Healthcare's Intersection: Where Innovation, Technology and Policy Collide

On this episode of InsideOut, we talk with Seth Joseph, Managing Director at Summit Health, about the importance of mental health, common healthcare obstacles, and transitioning to value-based care.


Episode 57: | Josh Ofman An Innovative Story of Prediction, Prevention and Early Detection of a Cancer Diagnosis

On this episode of InsideOut, we welcome Josh Ofman, President at Grail. We discuss the latest patient support in early cancer detection.


2022 Episodes

Episode 56: | Stuart Winters How a Global Outlook Shaped This USA Healthcare Leader

On this episode of InsideOut, we chat with Stuart Winters, CEO, U.S. Healthcare at Sodexo. Stuart and I discuss how his global insights are paving the future for US Healthcare at Sodexo.

Episode 55 | Dan Gingiss Customer Experience in the Age of TikTok

On this episode of InsideOut we welcome Dan Gingiss, an international keynote speaker who passionately believes in the customer experience. Dan shares with us about his 20+ years of experience in marketing and what health systems can do with regards to customer experience to help differentiate themselves from their competition.

Episode 54 | Patricia Goldsmith Moving the Needle in Cancer Care

On this episode of InsideOut, we chat with Patricia Goldsmith, CEO of CancerCare. Patricia and I discuss how her background and role at CancerCare is moving the needle in a patient's journey with cancer.

Episode 53 | Chris DeRienzo Merging the quality and access gap in healthcare.

On this episode of InsideOut, we welcome System Chief Medical Officer and SVP of WakeMed Health Hospitals, Chris DeRienzo. Chris is a #1 Best Seller author of Tiny Medicine: One Doctor's Biggest Lessons from His Smallest Patients, neonatologist, healthcare executive and an advisor to companies ranging from startup to Fortune 50.

Episode 52 | Larry Cohen Overcoming Healthcare Dysfunction Through Tech Innovation and Physician Insight

On this episode of InsideOut, we chat with Larry Cohen, CEO of Health2047. Larry and I discuss medical developments, data and how the four major areas of focus for Health2047 are introducing new innovation and commercialization opportunities to the healthcare field.

Episode 51 | Doug Hirsch How Tech is Changing Consumer Healthcare

On this episode of InsideOut, we welcome Doug Hirsch, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of GoodRx, a company whose mission focuses on providing affordable and convenient healthcare to all Americans.

Episode 50 | Jamey Edwards Moonshots and healthcare. Why a radical approach is needed to save healthcare.

On this episode of InsideOut, we chat with Jamey Edwards, Chief Operating Officer at StartUpHealth.Jamey has been part of numerous start-up ventures and has a unique perspective on the challenges facing healthcare and how a radical approach is needed to help create a thriving, vibrant healthcare system. We also discuss his new role as COO of StartUpHealth and the ways entrepreneurship can provide some of the innovation we need to transform healthcare.

Episode 49 | Deena Shakir A Transformative Approach to Venture Capital for Healthcare

On this episode of InsideOut, we welcome Deena Shakir, Partner at Lux Capital for a fascinating discussion on her career leading transformative investments in healthcare and other sectors.

Episode 48 | Matt Eyles The Role Health Plans Play in Guiding Greater Healthcare

On this episode of InsideOut, we chat with Matt Eyles, President and CEO at America's Health Insurance Plans. We discuss how innovation and technology are influencing the future of prior authorization and consumer health plans.

Episode 47 | Susan Biali Haas Finding Purpose and Belonging in our Culture

On this episode of InsideOut, Joseph Machicote talks with Dr. Susan Biali Haas, award-winning doctor, health and wellness expert, coach, speaker and author –about the ways we can lend a listening ear to our colleagues' beliefs to reduce burnout and practice resiliency.

Episode 46 | Suzanne Schwartz How the U.S. Can Mitigate and Prevent Medical Device Shortages

On this episode of InsideOut, Mike Alkire talks with Dr. Suzanne Schwartz, Director for the Office of Strategic Partnerships and Technology Innovation within the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health –about steps our nation can take to address medical device shortages now and for the future.

Episode 45 | Jay Nakashima It’s your data. Five reasons you should be sharing it.

On this episode of InsideOut, we chat with Jay Nakashima, Executive Director of eHealth Exchange. We discuss cross-platform data sharing, how evolving data technologies are shaping our world, and how our healthcare data can be our voice even when we can't speak.

Episode 44 | Pierre-Alexandre Fournier Digital Healthcare in Outer Space

On this episode of InsideOut, Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, President, Founder and CEO of Carrè-Hexoskin, joins us to discuss the latest innovations in wearable technology and how Hexoskin overcame numerous obstacles to create wearable tech specifically for use in outer space.

Episode 43 | Adam Schechter Driving change to accelerate innovation

On this episode of InsideOut, we chat with Adam Schechter, Chairman and CEO at Labcorp. We discuss the challenges of taking the helm of a large organization during a pandemic as well as Adam's outlook on innovation and his involvement with 

Episode 42 | Chris Pace The New Frontier of Digital Marketing

On this episode of InsideOut, Chris Pace, Chief Digital Marketing Executive at Banner Health, joins to discuss challenges of marketing to a new generation of healthcare customers.

Episode 41 | Rob Barrow Psychedelic treatment options for mental health.

On this episode of InsideOut, we chat with Rob Barrow, CEO of the pharma development company, MindMed. MindMed has been on a quest to bring psychedelic-inspired pharmaceuticals to mainstream healthcare, and Rob believes the time is right for a radical new approach to solving some of the most challenging mental health issues the world has ever faced.

Episode 40 | Jeff Allen Swinging for the fences: A new mindset for cancer drug development.

On this episode of InsideOut, Jeff Allen, President and CEO of Friends of Cancer Research, joins to discuss the current state of cancer research, how data can impact clinical trials, and why it's critical that we take a fresh and disruptive look at cancer drug development.

Episode 39 | Dr. Fatima Cody The unusual connection between obesity and racial equality.

On this episode of InsideOut, we chat with Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford; physician, educator, and policy maker at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Stanford is a passionate advocate for reducing racial disparities in medicine and joins us to discuss the challenges of the obesity epidemic and how racial inequality has affected the treatment of obesity.

Episode 38 | Nailesh Bhatt The stranglehold on America’s drug market. How foreign countries hold us hostage.

On this episode of InsideOut, Nailesh Bhatt, Founder and CEO of VGYAAN Pharmaceuticals, joins to discuss his journey to becoming a successful pharmaceutical entrepreneur and how his company is reinventing the way we think about generic drugs in healthcare.

Episode 37 | Mike McCoy Blockchain, healthcare and the cutting edge of technology

Episode 36 | Leah Binder Could healthcare become even more political? How changing legislation is determining your quality of care.

On this episode of InsideOut, Leah Binder, CEO of The Leapfrog Group, joins to discuss how newly passed legislation could have a significant impact on employers and why data will help deliver transparency and better care throughout our healthcare system.

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